Calculation of reserves in Risk insurance

The estimation of technical reserves of Insurer in accordance with the requirements of Regulator & IFRS

Calculation of reserves in Life insurance

The estimation of the mathematical reserves and appropriate payments from the Insurer in accordance with the requirements of Regulator & IFRS

Conducting of liability adequacy test of reserve  

Cheсking of the adequacy of actually formed reserve (LAT test) and required quantity of formed loss reserves for the previous reporting dates (Run-off test)


Calculation of the basical prices in accordance to the Rules of insurance; developing of the insurance products and insurance calculators for it

Risk Management System 

Developing of Risk management system and its implementation, stress-testing

Pension insurance 

The estimation of the pensional obligations in accordance with IAS19

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Who is looking for true profits only, is unlikely to become very rich; but whoever invests all property in risky enterprises, is often ruined and falls into poverty; therefore, it is necessary to combine the risk with the known security in case of losses. Francis Bacon
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    Actuaries are specialists in statistics and probability theory area, finances, partly in IT, analysts who can make a forecast or a model with a certain level of reliability for any process which can be formalized.

    Actuarial science was born in XVII in Europe in the context of long-term insurance development (life insurance). It was an active period of mathematics development in Germany, France and Great Britain and at the same time arose the need for risk of death or survival calculation on the more scientific basis. In 1662, a London demographer John Graunt showed there were predictable similarities in probability of survival or death of group of people the same age. This theory constituted the basis for life Table (or mortality Table) and gave a strong impetus to the development of actuarial profession.

    The Actuary profession came up to Ukraine recently. The financial market active development made an enabling environment for development of an actuary profession. The phrase “actuarial calculations” is becoming heard more and more often as they become an integral part of effective predictable and controlled business process of an Insurance Company. Actuarial calculations help Companies managers not only to see the real picture of their duties, but also to build the strategy of Company development for a long-term period.

    Our Company keeps abreast of progress and wants to offer you actuarial services both in risk and life insurance.

    We carry out the actuarial insurance reserves calculation, develop the price policy, embed the risk management system and help Companies by all means in any analytics area. We calculate the reserves in accordance with all the regulatory and IFRS requirements using evaluation method. We carry out the actuarial calculation according to the best evaluations and practice.

    The actuarial calculation means an individual approach to every task. Our specialists work the given task out in details, evaluate the quality of input data, carry out the necessary calculations, take the adequacy test. We comment on the results and, if it is necessary, make a presentation.

    Insurance Companies can rely on us, we do our work qualitatively and responsibly. Our principles of operations are based on the international Actuaries code.